Skills and Know-How

Web Development

Web Development is not the same as Web Design. A web developer is someone that is capable of creating a website from scratch, by hand, without the use of a program like Dreamweaver. In other words, a Web Developer is a programmer.

Alex has years of experience as a web programmer and he also studied Computer Science while in college. He is a pro when it comes to writing code, working with databases, creating custom solutions, and so on. Over the years he's become very talented with the following:

PHP :: mySql :: JQuery :: JavaScript :: CSS :: HTML

WordPress Driven Websites

For many businesses, WordPress has become one of the best solutions for building and operating a website. Once a website has been built on WordPress, the website owner can login to the admin area and update the content for the website. In other words, you dont need to be a professional web master in order to manage your own website.

Alex is a professional at getting a website installed on WordPress, setting it up properly, tweaking the code/template to function as you desire and then showing you how to use it once it is up and running.


Businesses often need a website in order to sell their products on line. Getting a website up and running with a shopping cart, and accepting credit cards online can become a complex endevour. However, Alex is an expert in E-commerce websites. He knows everything that is needed in order to setup website with a shopping cart and credit card payment processing. He will also explain all of the details that come along with processing credit cards over the internet.


Alex often comes across business owners that already have an existing website, but they are in need of a web developer. For instance, many times the original web developer is no longer available, but the website needs to be updated. Alex can walk-in to any situation and help the business owner by taking on the responsibility of updating the website that was built by someone else.

If you are a business owner that is simply interested in the possibility of building a website, but youre not sure what will be required in order to get it going, Alex will be glad to explain the process for you.

If you have an idea about a website, but your idea may require a custom solution, then contact Alex to get some insight about what it may take in order to make your idea come to life.